Pet Grooming Plus, Inc.   Pet Sitting, Basic Grooming and Kennel-Free Boarding      
  Meridianville, Alabama            PH: 256-828-1010    
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Call Pet Grooming Plus, Inc.  for a pet sitting appointment today!   (256) 828-1010. Basic grooming appointments available! 

Pet Grooming Plus, Inc. located in Meridianville, Alabama offers home based pet sitting, kennel-free boarding and basic grooming services allowing your pets to feel safe and secure while getting the care they need.  Pets tend to be less stressed and more balanced when they receive professional care in a home environment  Our exceptional pet  service provides your pets the love, care and attention they need in a stress free environment. Your pets will be safe!

In addition to a stress free environment, your pets will be protected from parasites, illness and disease. Our home-based sitting and baording services virtually eliminate the cross contamination risk of kennels and cages. Your pets will be healthy!

Our groomers and pet sitters give your pet personalized attention. After a comprehensive interview, we know exactly what type of tailored service you wish for your pet. Whether it's grooming,boarding, dog walking, litter scooping or structured play, our goal is to create a special bond with your pet through loving, professional care. Your pets will be happy!
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